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Cliffe Woods Interpretation Boards

Cliffe Woods, Clayton West

A community partnership called The Cliffe Woods Conservation Group was set up to manage and restore the woodland park in Clayton West. Over a century ago the park was once a landscaped, social core for the local people with a pond, waterfall and walkways all around the park. where people could take delight in the surroundings. The group was formed to bring the park back to its original glory where people would again savor the landscape, gardens and nature.

They were joined by members and volunteers have been busy removing vegetation to clear footpaths, improving walls and fences, increasing the number of wild flowers and putting in place measures to encourage wildlife. These changes and improved walkways and seating enhance the woodland for all of the local community to enjoy.

You can read more about the work that the group are doing by clicking here.

Nature Sign Design were asked to complete a couple of Interpretation Boards for the site featuring the parks history, pathways and wildlife.

Craig from the Cliffe Woods Conservation Group had these kind words:

Just want to say thanks for a superb job on the Interpretation Boards for Cliffe Woods Clayton West.
I’m enclosing some photographs of the boards in position at each entrance now that they’ve been fitted and settled in.
We’ve had loads of praise from people using the woodland walks, and from the Council staff overseeing and funding the project. They’re a superb addition to the Park, and they’ve generated loads of interest in the conservation project, and the work that we’re doing there.
I’m trusting that this means we’ll get some more work of this kind in future, and we can call upon your services again.

The photographs are shown below..

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