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Interpretation Panels

Interpretation panels are used in many different places. You may have seen them in museums or whilst outdoors walking along a nature trail. Interpretation panels are often used to describe the environment that you are passing through or looking at. Each panel is designed specifically to allow information to be passed on easily to the visitor by using images and text. Good interpretation panels are design in a way that gives the viewer a clear picture of what is being described. Often used to show historic or hidden information that is not instantly clear to the viewer.

Nature Sign Design have years of experience creating informative and engaging interpretation panels. Each panel is designed specifically for the location it is to be used in.

Each panel is designed to the client’s specific needs. Nature Sign Design will determine the target audience for the interpretation sign. For example is the sign to be used at a school for young children. Or will it be used in a museum with an older audience. We also consider exactly how much text is being shown on the sign. Often with interpretation signs “less” is “more”. Keeping text to a minimum will encourage the visitor to read. Large blocks on text are off putting and can discourage the visitor from reading the interpretation sign. Nature Sign Design has a dedicated team of fantastic designers. They specialise in taking your ideas and transforming them into Interpretation signs that will last for years.

Outdoor interpretation signs must be weatherproof and long lasting. Nature Sign Design have designed, built and installed signs of all shapes and sizes. Signs have been installed in a wide range of locations including:

  • Coastal Paths.
  • Forests and woodlands.
  • Parks and gardens.
  • Schools and Colleges.