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Aluminium Noticeboards

Aluminium Notice Board Aluminium Noticeboards are ideal for external display. Commonly used by parish councils, schools and village halls to show up to date information. Nature Sign Design lockable aluminium noticeboards can be designed to your exact requirements.

The most common aluminium noticeboards we sell are split into two sections. One sections contains the lockable cabinet that is used to display changing information. The other section would display a map or useful information that is more permanent.

These noticeboards can either be wall mounted to a suitable surface or free standing on posts. We can add headers to the noticeboards to give them a unique look that matches their surroundings. We can powder coat these noticeboards any colour you wish.

Also available:

  • 75mm profile
  • aluminium frame noticeboard with waterproof seal and vandal resistant glazing
  • galvanised steel backboard in a white lacquered finish for use with magnets
  • raising door suspended on gas struts for easy opening
  • tamper proof safety locks

We also offer Wooden Noticeboards as well.